New Emby Media Server

UPDATE: Beta environment is currently up and running.
Please visit to try it out, email me if you do not have any credentials yet.

Plans are in the works to replace Plex with Emby.
Plex has served us well for the time we used it, but it's time to look at something different and potentially better.

During the configuration and beta stages, Plex will remain available.
When Emby has been configured it will replace Plex temporarily and if found satisfactory, permanently.

On the backend, the new Application will be installed on a plain debian 9 server, instead of Ubuntu 18.02 where Plex is installed on.
This way both the frontend and the backend, will start from a clean slate.
When available, Emby will be accessible from

Make sure to visit this page for further updates!
Should you have any further questions, you may always direct them to .
Kind regards,