Project Gatekeeping

The initial trigger for this project is to migrate away from Ubuntu servers and run it all on generic Debian installations.
This is backed up by the fact that there is need for optimisations and general improvements of the service.

Main Goal

  • Migrate Haproxy service from Ubuntu server to Debian Server

Side Goals

  • Metricbeat logging
  • Filebeat logging Haproxy logs
  • Fully functioning fail2ban

Planned work

Work for mail goal

Install Debian Server

  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Configure autostart on hypervisor
  • Install Haproxy and migrate config files
    Retype config to refresh memory of what's actually in there

Work for side goals

Metricbeat logging

  • Add repository and install package

Filebeat logging

  • Point Haproxy logs towards central log server


  • Configure fail2ban service on all public listening shells