Welcome to the jungle

Development on the URL Shrinking tool is put on hold until a decent logging system is in place.
If you have any hot suggestions for this, shoot me an Email
Update: Logging via the ELK stack is now in it's baby shoes making first steps in visualizing everything!
More on that later!

Things I do

Hobbies include, but are not limited to:

  • Working on the homelab
  • Learning new cool technologies
  • Video Games
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Sliding down very tall, white powdered hills at high speeds.
    With great care obviously

Young Sysadmin

The further I go down this rabbit hole, the more a realise all the things I don't know about.
What I do know is I want to do it all!

Skills and Ambitions

Just a young sysadmin.


Do the thing only once, twice or many times
For anything above twice I like:

  • Powershell
  • Bash
  • Good old .bat files
  • Python


I am no expert, make no mistake.

But paranoid as I am, I am burdened with the urge to follow best practice and disable that what is not required.


I do like planning, building and maintaining hardware.

Just me, some wires, zipties and a good cup of java to spend the afternoon.

Server software

  • Ubuntu Server 18.04.02 LTS
  • Windows Server 2019 Core
    Evaluation mode, so only temporary projects


Until more information is required, the data below will have to do.